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How We Can Help You:

A Neurologist specializes in the diagnosis and management of problems with the Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves and Muscles.  Neurologists do not do surgery.

Patients will often see a Neurologist to help explain and treat symptoms such as Pain, Weakness, Dizziness or Confusion.
We are also available for a second opinion and/or continued management of all neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, Epilepsy, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease.

Your First Visit Will Be Most Productive If Dr. Stein Reviews Your Medical Records Before You Arrive:

1) If You Are Referred By A Physician:

  • Please call our office for an appointment and we will acquire your medical records from your other healthcare provider.

2) If You Are Not Referred By A Physician:

  • We will either ask you to call your other healthcare providers and give them permission to share your medical information with Dr. Stein, or if you prefer, we will ask you to sign a release of information form when you arrive and we will acquire those records on your behalf.

Making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Stein is easy.  Just call Chanel at 941-400-1211 between 9AM and 5PM, Monday –Friday and we will do the rest.